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How I met Okoro Blessing Nkiruka

okoro blessing
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It was not love at first sight

Okoro blessing

Her name is Okoro Blessing, popularly known as Blessing CEO. She is a Nigerian and a fast-rising relationship therapist. She married at the age of 18 but separated in less than two years of marriage, citing abuse and domestic violence as the reason. She bears two children now from her failed marriage.

The first time I stumbled on Okoro Blessing’s video was on Facebook. And that was the first time I saw her. To be honest, that first video I played on Facebook was just “crazy”. She was narrating her sexual experience with a guy she once met. The story could be fictional though, but it was explicit for my liking. However, as an artist or a writer, I couldn’t pretend about the fact that she was gifted. I was impressed by her articulateness and the kind of excitement she exhumed through her gesticulations as she narrated her sexual escapade.

But she convinced me

I believe first impression is important but they can also be deceptive because it depends on the time, circumstance or the context of situation in which you met the person. That is why I like to give people the benefit of doubt. So after some days, I saw another video of Okoro Blessing on Facebook. This time I was reluctant to play the video because I didn’t want to hear any form of lewdness from her again. But I decided to give her the benefit of doubt and play it. This time she was talking about something different and she spoke a lot of sense. So I became confused about her. It was this confusion that propelled me to continue watching her videos in order to bring clarity to my confusion about her. And the more I watched her videos, the more I fell in love with her way of thinking and presentation. She reminded me of the very things I have been writing and thinking about. So I was just loving myself in her. Okoro blessing has mastered the art. I don’t just listen to her. She is a great actress as well. I enjoy her body language, facial gestures and all her paralinguistic features. I noticed she puts in a lot of effort to make her videos. No wonder I find her to be unique and very interesting.

Okoro blessing

Our relationship came with issues

Okoro blessing is a beauty with brain. She is a survivor. She is intelligent, fashionable, hardworking, confident and gifted. It is not easy to find a woman with such package and versatility. This means she is what she is today because she decided to be so. She worked on herself and she was deliberate about it. But as they say, every relationship has its issues. You never get everything perfect. So as I was gathering more information about her, I realized things about her that threatened to rattle my love for her:

1. She is too young for that

My first issue with Okoro Blessing was when I realized that she was much younger than I thought. And just because I felt she was young my desire to follow her threatened to wane. But thank God I wasn’t stupid to allow that. Thank God I wasn’t forgetful of my own experiences with people who didn’t want to give me a chance just because they felt I was too young to shine. I believe God would have been very disappointed in me if I allowed myself to sink that low. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you, says the good book. So I managed to quickly shake off that feeling about her being young and continued to appreciate her gift. Okoro blessing was born on May 23, 1989.

2. She is a divorced woman.

The fact that she was once married and is now divorced is a big stone her enemies always haul against her when her name comes out as a relationship counsellor. They spit at the sound of that accolade and say “physician, heal thyself,”. But who doesn’t have a past? Just because she has made mistakes in her past doesn’t mean she shouldn’t have a future. He who is without sin should be the first to cast his stone. I think she rather deserves credit for taking inspiration from her failed marriage to help many relationships and marriages with the lessons and experiences she has gained. How many girls can boldly walk out of domestic violence at that young age, barely with nothing and still come out to be like the Okoro Blessing we know today? Is she worse than the Samaritan woman who had five husbands but was still used by Jesus as an evangelist to save her village?

3. The controversy around her is too much.

Okoro Blessing divides opinion in Nigeria. Those who love her, love her with passion, while those who hate her do so with a similar passion. It appears it is much easier to like her or dislike her than to remain neutral about her. Her controversial lifestyle reminds me of the late Ebony Reigns. I now understand why Blessing Okoro touts herself as the most controversial relationship therapist in Africa.

Blessing ceo

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