I think, therefore I am.
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I think, therefore I write.

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I think, therefore I am. 

People err when they ask me “Why can’t I stop writing?” The question they should be asking is why can’t I stop thinking? Because before I write it I have to think about it. Stop my thoughts and my writing will be stopped as well.

Just like Rene Descartes (dubbed the father of modern western philosophy), I also believe thinking defines my existence and that the moment one stops thinking will be the very moment one stops existing. Descartes doubted everything that existed. He realized that if he is doubting then he is thinking, hence, one thing he cannot doubt is the fact that he exists and that he is thinking (doubting). Therefore, he exists​ as a thinking being (mind). It is for this reason that he famously said “Cogito ergo sum,” meaning “I think, therefore I am.”

Thinking is the soul of my writings. It is the breath that makes my writing a living soul. If I write, it is because I think. Take away my thoughts and my writings will be like a dead body awaiting burial because it lacks the thinking soul that keeps it alive. As for my thinking, it cannot be seen in itself because it is immaterial. You only see it because it takes up the body of writing. Writing is the body, while thinking is the soul. Therefore, I am also an idea who lives in the body of writing.

Beloved, sincerely, I do not write because I seek to project a certain lofty impression about me. As for my writings and the impacts​ they make, it is only a byproduct of my thinking which defines my very existence. My writings are only the shadow; the reality is my thinking.

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