Size and attraction of women’s backside
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Why most men are attracted to women’s buttocks

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Size and attraction of women’s buttocks. A philosophical approach. 

One day a lady-friend asked me, “Richard, what at all is about a woman’s buttocks that makes you men get so attracted and excited about?” In fact, I felt embarrassed and annoyed by her question. I was caught off guard and I wasn’t prepared for such an uncomfortable question. I didn’t want to commit myself by answering her question so that she won’t be able to quote me somewhere about it.

Later on, when I got home I thought about her question and I felt it was a fair question. So after thinking about it, I realized that all these attention and attraction about women’s buttocks are just meaningless and irrational.

The argument against the size and attraction of women’s buttocks.

Size and attraction of women’s buttocks

The buttocks are the fleshy part of the human body that you sit on. This means that everybody has buttocks, man or woman. If men also have buttocks, why should they then be excited and feel attracted by a woman’s buttocks knowing that they also have these buttocks? Also, the buttocks are nothing but flesh. Flesh that we all have covering our body. Something that is not exclusive to women alone. Maybe it is because women have a lot of flesh at their buttocks, making them bigger in size. So we have the argument of size. But one can argue further by saying, if the attraction is in the size, then we have women who have smaller buttocks and men who have bigger buttocks. Yet, men will still get attracted to the small buttocks of a woman. Therefore, the argument about the size of a woman’s buttocks being the cause of attraction is not sufficient.

To conclude on the size and attraction of women’s buttocks, I think it is God in his own wisdom that has made things so. He has put something in men that makes them attracted by a woman’s body. Because what I tried to do here is to show that there is no rational or logical basis for men to feel excited or attracted by a woman’s buttocks. Also, from the research I have conducted so far, I am yet to see any clear scientific reason that explains why most men get attracted by women’s buttocks.

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