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Introduction to the fundamental meaning of love

introduction to love
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INTRODUCTION TO LOVE: A Philosophical and Biblical approach to the fundamental meaning of love.

Take a look at the love life of a great number of celebrities in our music and movie industries worldwide. You would notice that most of them have struggled to maintain a lasting relationship. They have not been able to replicate in their lives those sensational love songs and movies they sing and act about. Some of them keep hopping from one relationship to the other, creating scandals and making a lot of bad news when it comes to their love lives. Is it the case then, that in reality most of these celebrities or artists do not know what love is but it is only in appearance that they claim to know?

One of the most talked-about and written about subjects in the media is love, being it in the print or in electronic media. A lot of the books we write are about love or they carry in them certain themes of love. But whether these views on love are the ultimate reality or the fundamental basis of all that there is to love is the major question. This pulls me to my subject “What is love?”

When it comes to the subject of love, everyone has his or her own ideas or philosophy about it. Because one way or the other, all of us have experienced love at various degrees and stages in our lives. But the question is are these ideas true knowledge or opinions? If these ideas of ours about love are true knowledge, will they not be common to all since knowledge is one? (Something I believe Plato would have considered as the Form of love, which is universal). But as it stands now, one can say that most of our ideas about love are merely opinions, since they are not one but many. These are evident in the many divorce cases and relationship break-ups we see around us. These are usually caused by conflicts of ideas on what each party believes love is supposed to be. (Parmenides would say it is becoming. The aspect of love, which keeps changing like opinions).

This is just an introduction to love. In the subsequent edition, I deal with some attempted solutions to the problem of love.

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