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I write for myself

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If I say I write for myself, think about it this way. Let us say the retentive capacity of ideas that my mind can accommodate at a time is a hundred ideas. Any extra idea to it is an overload. Therefore, the more I keep adding to the hundred, the more pressure I bring to my head. The only way to help myself with these excess ideas that come to my mind is to let go of some previously stored ideas in my mind. This I do through speech or writing. Sharing creates fresh space for new ideas to come in. As people get blessed by the reading or hearing of my ideas, I also get to free my mind from any unwanted pressure or stress that excess ideas bring to my head.
So I must say that even if there were no eyes to gaze upon my writings, I will continue to write because it helps me to get rid of the excess ideas to relax my mind. Hundreds of ideas have I written, what do you think will happen to my head if I were to keep all of them in my head? Maybe I would go crazy. So to save my mind and keep it relaxed, I free it by sharing it through writing. That is why I said I write for myself. Though most people love my writings and are blessed by them, I write for myself first before them. I may not be able to stop writing because writing is a medicine unto me as a mind first of all before it becomes a blessing unto others.

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