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dream big
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I do share the sentiments of those who advertise that men ought to dream big. Let me use this simple and interesting illustration to make you understand why I believe so.

When I place a tin of milk and a poly tank close to each other on the ground,  and I ask that you stand some distance away from them and strike one with a stone, which one will be easier to strike? Will that not be the poly tank?  And will it not be so because of the poly tank’s huge size?

This should tell you that if the target (dream) is big, you can’t miss it.
I also believe that one’s dream or vision should be bigger than the effort required to achieve it. Because when the effort is bigger than the dream, there is the likelihood to easily surrender when the going gets tough, with excuses like “after all, what will I gain or lose”. Understand that life is tough. What keeps the tough going is what they see at the end. The prize (dream) must surely be bigger than the effort it takes to achieve it. Finally, people with small dreams quickly retire and become bored in life because they soon achieve those dreams and sink into retirement and feel bored due to inactivity.
I would therefore advise that let us continue to dream big and imagine a wonderful tomorrow no matter the circumstances because visualization brings actualization.
Also, who will even arrest us for dreaming big? And can any dream be too big for God Almighty to fulfil? Think right; think big!

Dream big

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