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How to identify an experienced man of God (Preacher)

experienced man of God
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Becoming an experienced man of God or a preacher doesn’t happen overnight. The Christian walk is a process. And it is a growth process like a child growing into adolescence and then into adulthood. When you reach the stage of maturity or adulthood as a Christian, you are going to be equipped with a lot of experiences that should bring understanding and stability to your life. These experiences are going to reflect in your language and attitude. How a child or a youth speaks and reacts to matters differs from how an adult would. I have taken time to explain the levels or stages of growth in our Christian walk on this site. You can follow these links to catch up.

1. Growing up in God and his Word.

2. Knowing God and his word by experience.


4. Signs of natural and spiritual youthfulness

Fast forward, let me quickly show you some indicators you can use to measure a preacher to know whether he/she is an experienced man of God or preacher.

1. His diction. Diction is the choice of words a speaker uses to convey his message. Usually, their diction is simple and not complex. So they can address complex emotions and situations and ideas in the simplest form to bring clarity and understanding. When men of experience speak, they say profound things in a simple way.

2. Their sermons are infectious. Their experience equip them with the accurate linguistic resources to articulate complex emotions in simple language. In other words, they can give expression to the pent-up feelings of people to bring liberty and joy to them as they get to know that the speaker understands their issues and whatever they are going through. This generates a lot of confidence in the audience about the preacher. Again, it greatly unites the speaker with his audience as the audience gets infected by the message.

3. Their attitude towards the subject. They are calm but confident in their message. Their messages have gone through the rigorous test from their life experiences and so they speak with authority without deviating from scripture. And they deliver their message with love without being overly critical or judgmental.

4. They don’t waste time trying to impress. These people are so experienced and have seen it all. They have nothing to prove to anyone. They are more interested and focused on you understanding their message of truth.

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Richard Owusu


Richard Owusu

Signs of natural and spiritual youthfulness

Richard Owusu

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