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Too quick to display your gifts
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I know it sounds much more routine and logical to show your talents, gifts and full capabilities in order to get opportunities. But in the world today, it is not straightforward like that. So don’t be too quick to display your gifts.

Act smartly before you think about attracting attention or making your presence known when you come into a new place. First of all, you have to study the environment, culture and the terrain you have come to. Assess the kind of people you are working with and know your boss. This will help you to know if it is wise to show your talent immediately or lie low and wait for the opportunity to come to you first.

Sometimes people feel threatened, jealous and insecure by other people’s gifts. And they will do everything to secure their position, maintain their influence, shine and superiority. If you find yourself amongst people like this, it is going to be very difficult for them to pass an opportunity to you. They can oppress and frustrate you to get you out of the group or organization. An example is what Joseph’s brothers did to him. So be careful and don’t be too quick to display your gifts.

Saul and David

Remember the story between King Saul and David. Saul had given an opportunity to David at a time he never saw David as a threat to his position and reputation. If Saul knew the long term result of his decision beforehand, he would not have given that chance to David to face Goliath. 

Now the people had witnessed the capabilities of David. They loved and admired David for his talent. King Saul knew that the boy David was anointed. The people knew David was anointed. When you are anointed or gifted to do something, everybody will know it immediately you start functioning!

I believe whatever God has promised and ordained in your life will eventually come to pass. Nobody can stop God’s word from coming to pass in your life. But you have to be wise and smart about it. Don’t be too quick to display your gifts and talents when should be biding your time instead. This can help you avoid unnecessary competition and delays. You have to be smart and careful not to attract avoidable enemies, resistance and frustrations to your progress. This world is not a fair world. 

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