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Yet we say globalization
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I will begin with a question, let us ask, where are our traditional games that we used to enjoy with folk songs? Maybe I should jog your memory with some of those beautiful folk songs. 

1. Moma yen ko hwe Adwoa Ataa, Adwoa Ataa, Adwoa Ataa…

2. Circl oo circle…


3. I want, I want, I want Akos, I want Akos to come and dance for me…


4. Dela mame ee rice water. Yee yee rice water…

5. Bam bam bambaliika

Yet we say globalization


Where is our “ampe” that was so common among Ghanaian females? We sat unconcerned with our chewing stick stuck to our mouth as we spectate other cultures swallow that of ours like how Moses’ rod swallowing that of the Egyptian magicians.

Games that forged and strengthened the unity amongst us. 

Games that underpinned the communalist spirit we bear. 

Games that brought respite to her anxious heart. 

Games that made her temporarily forget her hunger and tattered clothes. 

Games that boosted her immune system. 

Games that brought smiles to her face and hope to her heart even though surrendered by many uncertainties.

Yet we say globalization


We have abandoned all these indigenous games we performed for pleasure and have adopted movies for pleasure. I can’t even say foreign movies because even our own movies are greatly infested with foreign cultures. Facebook for pleasure, WhatsApp for pleasure, internet browsing for pleasure, Instagram for pleasure, video games for pleasure, telenovelas for pleasure. Where is aerobics in these things that we now take pleasure in? Maybe that is why we are haunted by all kinds of strange illnesses in the prime of our lives even though we claim to have improved health facilities and scientific innovations. Our immune system cannot be strong when our daily activities lack physical activities.

Yet we say globalization.

I am not against globalization but what we allow globalization to do to our beautiful culture and identity. I am against the globalization that feeds on the positive fundamentals of our being and making us pathetic hybrids without roots.

Football in Africa

Finally, to our young men, I know our elders have selfishly sold our football parks to churches, individuals, and businessmen for shopping malls and many other purposes, leaving us little or nowhere to play our football. So instead of playing more, we have resorted to watching more European football. We are not even watching our own local football because we complain about the quality. But how can we discover quality when our children have little or no park to play their football. Anyway, let me ask, what do you think could be one of the major factors why guys who have not even reached the age of 28 have started developing pot bellies presently?

Yet we say globalization.

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