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Marrying early
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Usually, when you are young and in love, your feelings tell you many things. However, as you grow or mature with experiences, your reason also starts to talk to you. Making decisions about love becomes more difficult as you grow with experiences. Likewise, getting married at a younger age is easier than at a mature age when you know too much.

Feelings are the oil that lubricates the wheels of love for love to move freely without friction or struggle. Feelings serve as the starting point and the springboard that launches you into love. Without feelings, it is difficult for love to take off. When your feelings are too high, it blocks your reasoning. That is why they say love is blind. Also, when your reasoning or knowledge is too much it blocks your feelings and all that you see are faults. When Adam and Eve ate from the tree of knowledge of good and evil, their eyes opened and they began to find faults: Adam answered God, saying, “I was afraid because I was naked; so I hid.” He also accused the woman when he said, “The woman you put here with me, she gave me some fruit from the tree, and I ate it.” The woman also accused the serpent when she said, “The serpent deceived me and I ate it.” They started finding faults when their eyes opened and they gained knowledge. That is why people say for love to thrive, someone must be a fool and act like he or she does not know.

What is it like to marry young with little experience and to marry later with much experience?

To marry a priori

I think it is easier to marry when you are young with little experience. Because at that time you do not know much to question your feelings. You do not know much to factor in so many things that may cause you to hesitate and overanalyze things. Your feelings for each other are high and when feelings come into play, it makes things smoother and more flexible, and decision-making to marry becomes easier. However, after you get into the marriage, your eyes begin to open and you meet many surprises. This is where you start to learn, adjust, and seek counselling to know and understand marriage to survive. In such an event, you entered into the marriage with a lot of “A priori knowledge”.

A priori is a Latin phrase used in philosophy to distinguish types of knowledge. It means knowledge obtained by analyzing concepts independent of experience.

To marry a posteriori

On the contrary, I also think it can get more difficult to marry as you grow with experiences because sometimes those life or relationship experiences you have had makes you too careful, analytical, suspicious, and choosy. Your experiences have opened your eyes, so you probably know too much and see all the possible red flags and can detect all the faults in the other person. Your knowledge tends to question your feelings, thereby obstructing the smooth flow of your love towards the other person. That is why sometimes to enjoy love; you have to act a fool and maybe learn to close your eyes.

Furthermore, people who enter into marriage when they are mature with experience should be able to exercise better control over issues in marriage than those who entered into it young and with little experience. This is because their experiences opened their eyes to spot every habit and attitude before the marriage. There should be little surprises here for such people. Hence, one expects that they have already prepared themselves to handle issues more responsibly and nicely without too much complaining. In such an event, you enter into the marriage with a lot of “Posteriori knowledge”.

A posteriori is a Latin phrase used in philosophy to mean knowledge obtained through experience.

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