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My Meditation

Sophia 1-10

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1. If they take you for granted, take them by surprise. 

2. It’s not easy to just walk away when you have invested so much. 

3. If someone sheds tears because of you, it’s a serious statement you can’t just ignore. 

4. Don’t allow your ego to make you fight what you love.

5. If he or she left, it means a new opportunity has come to bring a new and a better person into your life. This time be wise and don’t blow it. 

6. “WHEN are you marrying?” is not important as “WHO you are marrying?” 

7. Silence is like medicine. It is only the wise who knows when and how to apply it.

8. Don’t tell me I keep visiting the past when you always refuse to learn from them. 

9. Relationships don’t grow or blossom by themselves. It’s like a plant. You have to water it, manure it, till the land for it to grow and yield fruit.

10. Those who easily let go are sometimes those who invested little and don’t have much to lose. 

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