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This story relays some silent confession from leaders, celebrities and other popular and admired people in society. It exposes certain flaws and hamartia that goes to seriously injure the reputation of such people.

Student leader

student leader

This confession is from a student who feels people unfaily judged him by a certain standard he never set or promised. 

I was the SRC President; I never promised in my campaign that I will graduate with first or second class upper honors, yet, my people made an academic hero out of me only to crucify me at the end for failing to meet their scholastic standards and expectations.

The fresh boy 

nice guy This confession is from a young handsome guy who lost focus and intergrity due to peer pressure.

That name, that name that replaced my name. Though within me I knew it was true. Yes, I am good looking and the ladies are head over heels in love with me. My friends saw this as a rare opportunity and started criticizing me for my unwillingness to yield to their advances and take advantage of these ladies. Then out of peer pressure I began to chase every lady that my eyes and libido will lead me towards. Like a dream, I woke up one day to realize that the name Fresh Boy that replaced my name has been changed on the lips of many, including my own friends who encouraged me into womanizing. They made me a hero out of my good looks. Now, they despise and call me names. They called me fresh Boy. But now they call me play boy.

The hottest girl

hot girl

This is a confession from a very beautiful and attractive woman who though beauty was everything and forgot that beauty fades.

My name is Aurelia, I won a beauty pageant when I was in school. I was the desire of most guys on campus. I took advantage of this privilege and went all out to flirt, manipulate, toy and twist men along my fingers with ease. Many kept telling me about how beautiful I was. I had a lot of suitors and most of them were rich men. Because I had raised myself to a certain class that only such men could gather the courage to approach me along such lines. However, as they say in life that “Nothing is permanent” and “Time waits for no one”. Before I realized that I was losing by spark and shine, my beauty and attraction, it was almost too late and I had to quickly settle down. Today, I am married with two kids and struggling to make my marriage work. If only I did not allow myself to be fooled by the praises of my friends, I would have been humble to notice the few good men that came my way. Now, some point to my past and say “It serves her well”. They praised my beauty and made me forget that beauty is only temporary.

The tutor


This is a confession from a tutor who is struggling with the desires of his flesh. A tutor without integrity and professionalism.

I can’t mention my name but I am a lecturer. I love my job very much so I do it with all my heart. My students like me but I must confess that I have been quite a hypocrite. As a tutor, I have been selective by preferring the company of student ladies to guys. Strangely enough, I find these ladies as an ideal place to rest my frustrations, stress and depressions. And I do that under the pretext of guiding them. I know that using them as a form of ‘stress relievers’, toys and sometimes confidants are not part of their mission on campus. Sometimes I fear that my reputation could one day be cruelly bruised before the public by these same ladies. It looks like my spirit is willing but my flesh is weak!

The pastor


This is a confession by a Pastor who lost focus and became proud due to the wonders, blessings, praises and attention he was recieving from the public.

I am a Pastor, when I was a young believer, I had only one trousers I wore to church. I didn’t have money so I usually walked to church. I also often didn’t even have an offering to give. But God picked me up from nowhere and made me somebody. Sadly for me, I quickly forgot where the Lord picked me from. I remember I would sometimes despise the one cedi offering people gave, yet, when I was at their level, I didn’t even have that one cedi to give as offering. I became proud and felt so important and powerful as people honored and hailed me for all the wonders the Lord was doing though me. But little did I know that I was still a man. One mistake from the lust of the flesh or one major failure on my part in trying to accomplish something with good intentions was more than enough to bring the whole world crushing down on me with all sorts of allegations, blatant insults and rejections, even from those who used to hail me and some I considered friends. I thought I was somebody. But trouble reminded me of where God picked me and I knew that without God I am nobody.

All my concern in this article is HOW EASILY WE MAKE HEROES OUT OF PEOPLE ONLY TO CRUCIFY THEM FOR BEING FLAWED. My name is Richard Owusu. I am the writer and I am not perfect. If there is anything good, if there is anything admirable about me, they were given to me by God. My desire is to please him in all my ways and I don’t want to be anybody’s superhero.      

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