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Beautiful women
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1. Most beautiful women are confused.

Beautiful women usually have a lot of men showing interest in them. This makes a lot of them confused, not knowing what they want. Different men are coming to them with their advantages and disadvantages in terms of character, wealth, intelligence, appearance, stature and status. A lot of beautiful women become greedy and selfish when faced with these many options. Choosing one probably means forgoing some other things they desire in the others, hence, making a choice becomes difficult for them. So, a lot of them combine about 3,4 or 5 men at the same time so they can get everything they want in different men put together because they can’t get everything in one person. This brings a lack of focus. And when you don’t focus on one relationship at a time, you are unable to explore and enjoy the relationship properly because you are distracted by your engagement with other men at the same time.

Beautiful women having a lot of options and not knowing what they want is a major temptation and risk for them. For example, assuming “A” is asked a question that she has no idea about and she is given 10 options to choose the right answer from, while “B” is also faced with the same question that she also has no idea about but she is given 3 options to select the right answer from. Which of the two has a higher probability of predicting the right answer? It is more likely for person B to predict the right answer than it is for person A. In a similar sense, the more options most beautiful women have, the more confused they become and the more difficult it is for them to make the right choices for their marriage and relationships.

2. Beautiful women sometimes don’t get proposals from good men.

There is this perception that beautiful women are trouble (though I feel it’s quite unfair). This perception does not encourage good men to pursue beautiful women because good men don’t like trouble. But not the bad men or the so-called hard guys and packaged men who glitter to deceive. These are men who believe they can get whatever they want with money or looks. These are proud men who just want to satisfy their ego, beat their chest and say “I won the girl.” They see beautiful women like a trophy. So their main purpose of pursuing such women is to prove to themselves and others that they are “the man”. It may look like love in the beginning but it is not. It is pride, ego and selfishness or infatuation. It is about the bragging rights about who won the girl. So they are very likely to overlook the important things that make up a healthy relationship. That is why with time some begin to maltreat such women. Because these guys never bothered about the necessary things that make a healthy relationship. They were driven by lust. It was a game they had to win and so did everything to win. And then afterwards, they don’t even know what to do with the girl or where they want to go with her. The plan was to get her at all cost. There is no long term vision or plans for the relationship. Meanwhile, at this time this beautiful woman has also fallen deeply in love, so even if the man beats her, she will still be with him and may find it difficult to leave.

Also, a lot of very beautiful women have been affected psychologically by their past relationships with the wrong men. Their experiences with these men shape their thinking and attitude towards men and relationships. So even when they finally meet some good men, they can’t handle them or don’t even know how to handle them. Their thinking has been messed up by their previous relationships, so they tend to handle good men from the experience of their past relationships, forgetting that this is not that. So a lot of them even lose the few good men who come their way eventually.

3. Beautiful women are sometimes deceived by their own beauty. This happens when they start thinking that they are beautiful so they can get any kind of man they want. Forgetting that what they need is more important than what they want.

To conclude, I want you to note that I didn’t write this having in mind “why some beautiful women are single”. Else, I am sure I would have added more points. But in this case, a beautiful woman can even be in a relationship, yet, there is no love and happiness even if there is money. I believe these are the major reasons why most beautiful women struggle to find true love and happiness in relationships. Knowing the problem is part of the solution. I believe everybody deserves love. Beautiful or whatever, you didn’t create yourself and you can’t be blamed for how you look. But if you want to be happy and find true love, then a lot depends on you. Look at your choices. 

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