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Vision will get you a suitable woman, not money.

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When there is vision, money comes and multiplies. But when there is no vision, money comes and disappears.

You may think the most important thing you need to get a woman or a suitable helper is money, but No, it is vision. If you want a woman to come out from her family house and follow you, you need to tell her where you are going with her.
If a woman thinks all a man needs to get her is money, then that woman is a commodity that is available for the highest bidder. She is available for anything that can pay her bills, irrespective of what that kind of person is. Such a woman cannot be trusted because if she meets another man who is able to show her more money, she will abandon you for that person. Such a woman has value for money more than herself.
A woman who follows a man because of money never cares to ask the man about the plan or the vision. Because she doesn’t have a long-term desire for the relationship. Her intentions are only for the short-term, which is taking care of her immediate needs and expenses. So far as there is money, she is good to go. A woman who dreams of a future with you must be interested in your vision, your plans and your desires. She must know what you want to do with your life to see how she will be able to fit into that plan or agenda. She must be interested if she wants to be a suitable helper. Like they say: “Behind every successful man is a woman”. So when she doesn’t seem to be interested in your passion or your work, and all she is interested in is the money that comes from your work, then you know she only thinks of today but not tomorrow with you. When the money stops coming, the relationship will be in danger of surviving. She won’t follow you for the vision because she has never seen herself as part of it and she is not interested!

Final advice to Men and Women. 
MEN, what you are looking for is a suitable helper, not a gold digger or a sex object. The woman must come and meet you doing something so she can be of help. What you are looking for is not just a helper, but a suitable helper. That is why you must know your purpose in life and where you are going as a man so that it can inform your choice.
WOMEN, what you are looking for is a man with a vision. Someone who has something relevant and tangible doing with his life. A man who is going somewhere. Someone with a long-term plan so that you can be useful and be a suitable helper. A woman who follows a man without purpose, direction or vision will only end up frustrated.
The Lord God said, “It is not good for the man to be alone. I will make a helper suitable for him” – Genesis 2:18

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