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unreasonable people
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As we go about our daily activities we meet all kinds of people. Some become a blessing to us and some become pain or a drawback in our lives. Life is a journey. How fast you can reach your destination will also be determined by the kind of people you allow into your life and to influence your life. But one group of people you don’t need or waste time on are the unreasonable people. They are a massive clog in the wheels of your progress. So here are five examples of unreasonable people you don’t need to entertain in your life.

1. They ask for $100, you don’t have so you sacrifice and give them $50, sometimes for free, and they take it and get mad at you for not getting them the full amount. Why take it in the first place then if they knew they were not happy with the 50? As if they have worked and put money into your pocket. These are people who have nothing, yet, they have attitude and are full of foolish pride. They think the world revolves around them. Meanwhile, they have not even done anything for you. Sometimes these are people who didn’t even offer you any help when you needed it.

2. They go to see their pastor and the pastor encourages them. The pastor prays for them and shows them scriptures from the Bible to guide them. But they are not satisfied with that. They get angry and discontent because the pastor didn’t give them money or prophesy to them. So to them, the pastor has done nothing. No wonder we have a lot of so-called pastors or prophets today who are abusing, deceiving, manipulating and enslaving many people. Because they have realized that a lot of Christians today are not interested in the Gospel truth or knowing God for themselves. All they are looking for is a quick solution to their problems. They are chasing after prophesies and signs and wonders. They are not looking for God. They are not interested in a pastor who will show them God. They want the pastor to be their God.

3. They come into your life and you give them your time and attention. You even give them free counselling that others pay for, yet, they get mad at you because their intention from the onset was to get someone who will take care of their needs. They are not looking for someone who can help them build their lives so they can stand on their feet and be independent. Such people are always looking for a hero in somebody instead of finding the hero in themselves. They don’t want you to help them carry their burdens. They want you to carry their burdens for them. Such people want you to live their lives for them. You don’t want to waste your time on such ungrateful and unreasonable people.

4. They have noticed you are always there for them. You care for them and their needs, so they have turned you into their dumping site. Anytime they are in distress or in need, they run to you for attention and help. And after they have had their fill of you, they abandon you until they are in need again. Either they consider you as a god who supplies all their needs or they rather see themselves as a god in your life that you cannot do without. They begin to think they are so special and indispensable to you. So the very moment you are unable to turn up for them, even for once, they get so offended to the extent that you suddenly become their enemy. They won’t care about all the sacrifices you have made for them. They feel they own you, so they can always dump their work on you and go to sleep while you suffer with their burden. Such ingratitude and absolute nonsense shouldn’t be entertained from such unreasonable people.

5. They come to you and start making ridiculous requests that they know it is unlawful, illegal, unfair and irrational. You even explain how succumbing to their request can also affect you negatively, yet, they will still beg and insist. And if you still refuse to agree or heed to their insane demands, they see you as wicked because they have begged you and you remained adamant. These are unreasonable people who only think of themselves and don’t care about you. They appeal to emotions but not reason.

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