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My Meditation

Sophia 99 – 100

Sophia 91 - 100
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91. If you are going to love me back please do so now. It’s sad when people start loving you just when you start falling out of love with them. 


92. A woman may have many little emotional needs she expects you to satisfy. A man may also have one big desire he wants you to satisfy.


93. Stop saying what you don’t know because you are disappointed. God hasn’t given up on you. His grace is sufficient for you. 


94. Today, when someone treats you kindly, you are happy. Tomorrow. when someone treats you unkindly, you are sad. We can’t allow people to control our feelings. We must find happiness within ourselves.


95. Truth is not in your experiences. It is in what God has said in his Word. If you can believe and hold onto it, it will work for you.


96. When the financial leakages in your life is greater than or equal to your inflows, you cannot progress in life.


97. Sometimes words of wisdom are not enough. You require power or money to demonstrate wisdom for them to see.


98. A strong and lasting relationship is not about the sex you had, but the kind of foundations you have built together over time.


99. Love is powerful than reason. Love is not supposed to make sense always. So forgive yourself if you ever did anything stupid because of love.


100. If you have a taste and a lifestyle that is more expensive than your income, then I want to inform you that poverty is looking for you.

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