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My Meditation

Sophia 51 – 60

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51. Guys, don’t marry a fool, else, the only time you will be comfortable calling her your wife will be in the night.

52. Ladies, don’t marry a fool, else, you will struggle to call him the head of the house because he can not think.

53. Sometimes you just have to accept that some people can only be in your heart not in your life.

54. People will hate, ostracize and say all kinds of things against you just because you are not what they think or wish you were. But dare to be different when the normal is wrong. For great men came not to follow tradition but to break tradition. 

55. Love cannot always be a feeling. It is also a decision. Stay faithful to your words and your promise.

56. Sometimes we get so furious with people to the extent that we can’t even have the heart to pray for them. God can change people for the better.

57. Some people are just wonderful to know from afar until you get closer to them.

58. Most of them are just trying to be nice. They don’t really care like you think. Focus on building a strong relationship with God. Let Him be your joy, hope and comforter.

59. Remain calm. Don’t get desperate.The right person will come. DON’T RUSH AND CRASH.

60. Being in relationship involves work. Working to sustain and grow the relationship. Don’t go into it if you are not prepared to work.

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