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My Meditation

Sophia 41 – 50

Richard. O
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41. Betrayal has a profound way of testing your faith, whether you trust God enough to leave it in his hands or you are going to put vengeance in your own hands.

42. God didn’t consult everyone before forming you, so don’t expect to be loved by everyone. Be yourself and have the focus to become all that God created you to become.

43. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and start writing a new story for yourself.

44. Some rejections are not your fault. You are just too much for them to handle.

45. If you can change the way you think about it, then you can change the way you feel about it.

46. It is one thing to be wedded and it is also another thing to be married. Many do the wedding alright, but they never get to the point where they are really married.

47. If you are not prepared to sacrifice, you are not prepared to love.

48. If you are not prepared to forgive, you are not prepared for a long lasting relationship.

49. The fact that someone speaks intelligently doesn’t necessarily mean that is how the person is going to behave. Judge them by what they do. 

50. When people decide to leave your life all of a sudden without cause, it may not be them but God. God is taking you to a place they have no part. Their agenda doesn’t fit God’s agenda for your life. LET THEM GO!

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