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My Meditation

Sophia 21 – 30

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21. People are married for over 10yrs and they claim they are still getting to know each other. You are only dating, yet, you think you have arrived. 

22. One good thing about being single is that you still have the opportunity to make one of the most important decision in life – WHO TO MARRY? 

23. Many desire a good man or woman, yet when God gives them one, they take him or her for granted. 

24. Some say I’m sorry just to close the case and not because they have truly repented. That is why they keep doing what they keep apologizing for.

25. Stop judging people by what they say and start judging them by what they do. I have seen people talk so intelligently but act so foolishly.

26. I did so much for you. My mistake was that I made them look so easy that is why you took them for granted and easily forgot about them.

27. People must not be judged by what happens to them in life but how they react to what happens to them in life. A lot of times you do not have control over what happens to you but you do have control over how you react to what happens to you in life.

28. You are likely to get the support of men so far as it doesn’t lift you up above them. So if you really want to go further above your colleagues, you must start looking beyond them where you can see God.

29. Everybody wants to be close to successful people but only a few are willing to help people to succeed.

30. Beware of selfish people. They will betray you at any given opportunity to get what they want. And then later act as if they are sorry. 

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