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My Meditation

Sophia 121 – 130

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1. When God has a special plan for you, the wrong people will continue to reject you. So don’t be sad when people reject you. God is protecting you from something you have no idea about.


2. Always remember to thank God for the lives of your parents. I believe it will help them live longer and be in good health.


3. You cannot grow a relationship if you do not spend time on it. Whether it is your relationship with God or man.


4. In the game of love, you can’t betray yourself by allowing your emotions to lead you to a place your mind keeps telling you it’s not safe.


5. What you carry is special. You keep giving it to the wrong people that is why they don’t appreciate it. Stop giving it if they can’t value it.


6. Truth is not in your experiences. It is in what God has said in his word. If you can believe and hold on to it, it will work for you.


7. There is nothing wrong with you. you just haven’t met the right person yet. So be patient and keep moving. He is a good God.


8. Some rejections are not your fault. You are just too much for them to handle.


9.  People can be intelligent enough to tell you the right things in a relationship but may not be mature enough to do the right things in a relationship. And that should tell you who they want to be and who they truly are.


10. What you believe has the power to change how you feel.

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