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My Meditation

Sophia 111 – 120

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 1.  The reason why people will still be jealous of you even though they have more than what you have is that you have been able to make special and maximize the little that you have. You have found purpose and value in what God has given you.


2. And the beautiful woman said, “Well, I am beautiful so I can get any woman I want.” But that’s her problem. She doesn’t know that what she needs is more important than what she wants.


3. When you take them seriously, you judge them by their words. But when you take yourself seriously, you judge them by their actions.


4. You are the best gift you can give in a relationship. But people who do not know love want the things you can give them instead.


5. Your thank you is not enough when you appreciate the gift but fail to appreciate or honour the person who gives you the gift.


6. The most painful form of ingratitude is not the refusal to say thank you. it is when they start comparing all the sacrifices you have done for them to that of another person to imply that yours is nothing.


7. Most women think it is easy to handle a good and caring man. Well, it is not. Especially, when you have to control yourself so that you don’t become swollen-headed and misbehave.


8. Don’t hide from things that make you feel jealous. Confront them, appreciate them, so that your spirit can be free.


9.  If they don’t appreciate you for what you do for them, start doing for yourself what you do for them to improve yourself and become better. And they will begin to appreciate you for who you are and not what you give to them.


10. People will think you are controversial when what you say requires only experience to understand.

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