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My Meditation

Sophia 11 – 20

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11. How much you want it is determined by how much you are willing to pay for it. 

12. When you love, you keep looking for that one reason to hold on even though there are a thousand reason to let go. 

13. I know you are beautiful but I also know you didn’t create yourself, so humble yourself. 

14. It’s sad that you waited to fall in love with you me at a time I also fell out of love with you. Too late. 

15. Being dumped doesn’t always hurt because you can always get someone else. It is the thought of being used before you were dumped that hurts. 

16. If sex was an evidence for love, the actors of pornography would have been said to be in love. 

17. Maybe you care too much that is why you hurt so often. 

18. Many wants change but only a few really wants to change. 

19. You can’t blame yourself if they fail to see your value, but you have yourself to blame if you allow them to devalue and abuse you just because they can’t see your value. 

20. Sometimes the fear of loneliness makes people hold on to bad relationships. 

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