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True love
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Signs of true love (poetic piece)
I have come to understand from experience that one may have many admirers, but the love of these people to stand by him in all situations cannot be guaranteed. For admiration will bring you in, but it takes love to keep you in. It is easy to love in good times than to love in bad times.
True love can really be tested in times of pain, poverty, failure, disagreement & rejection.
True love centres on giving, hence, it will cost you because love is sacrifice.
The signs of true love that God is looking for is not how sweet is your love, but how prepared are you to endure scars for the one you claim to love? Jesus had scars to show for his love. Have you any? Or you think you love because the romance and the gifts are flowing? Wait, the real test will come and then you will know whether you love or lust. For the love of Christ did not carry flowers, kisses and parcels, but it carried a cross! (Eastwood Anaba)
Do you really love me? Answer me when I am down in trouble.

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