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My Meditation

Sophia 61 – 70

Richard Owusu sayings
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61. If they refuse to support or encourage you, don’t be bitter. God is only saying they are not part of his better plans for you. Please when you finally get there, do not forget those who encouraged and supported you.

62. You may think friends are really with you until you attempt doing something extraordinary, something that make them feel they are behind. Something that makes you more successful and sets you apart.

63. It is good that the Lord in his wisdom has concealed your future from those around you. You can now distinguish those who truly love you from those who only pretend to love and care. This will make you wise in the way you handle people when your star finally shines. Remember Joseph.

64. Don’t worry, those who turned their face away from you will one day show their face again when your season to shine comes. God will elevate you!

65. Don’t think it isn’t precious to me that is why I let you have it that easily. I just hate to see you suffer. All I want is to see you happy.

66. Learn to pray for God’s direction about marriage. People can change after marriage or pretend to be something they are not. But God who sees the end from the beginning knows better. So you must pray for God’s direction..

67. They keep doing it to me because I keep forgetting. This time I wont forget, just so that I will be careful they don’t do it to me again.

68. You are vey young, innocent and naive. I don’t want to be the first to break your heart. See me as a friend or a brother.

69. When people see smoke they suspect fire. The reason why people are throwing water on you is because they have seen your smoke and they want to stop you before you burst into flames. But if your fire is from God like that of Elijah, then no amount of water can quench your fire.

70. Sometimes those who will encourage you to go for it won’t be there with you when you step into it. What will keep you going is your God-focus, not your man-focus.

71. Sometimes they only realize how much they’ve been in love with you when they see you going out with someone else. 


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