People & Relationship Gists

1. If they take you for granted, take them by surprise. 

2. It’s not easy to just walk away when you have invested so much. 

3. If someone sheds tears because of you, it’s a serious statement you can’t just ignore. 

4. Don’t allow your ego to make you fight what you love.

5. If he or she left, it means a new opportunity has come to bring a new and a better person into your life. This time be wise and don’t blow it. 

6. WHEN are you marrying is not important as WHO you are marrying?

7. Silence is like medicine, it’s only the wise who knows when and how to apply it.

8. Don’t tell me I keep visiting the past when you always refuse to learn from them. 

9. Relationships don’t grow or blossom by themselves. It’s like a plant. You have to water it, manure it, till the land for it to grow and yield fruit.

10. Those who easily let go are sometimes those who invested little and don’t have much to lose. 

11. How much you want it is determined by how much you are willing to pay for it. 

12. When you love, you keep looking for that one reason to hold on even though there are thousand reasons to let go. 

13. I know you are beautiful but I also know you didn’t create yourself, so humble yourself. 

14. It’s sad that you waited to fall in love with you me at a time I also fell out of love with you. Too late. 

15. Being dumped doesn’t always hurt because you can always get someone else. It is the thought of being used before you were dumped that hurts. 

16. If sex was an evidence for love, the actors of pornography would have been said to be in love. 

17. Maybe you care too much that is why you hurt so often. 

18. Many wants change but only a few really wants to change. 

19. You can’t blame yourself if they fail to see your value, but you have yourself to blame if you allow them to devalue and abuse you just because they fail to see your value. 

20. Sometimes the fear of loneliness makes people hold on to bad relationships. 

21. People are married for over 10yrs and they claim they are still getting to know each other. You are only dating, yet, you think you have arrived. 

22. One good thing about being single is that you still have the opportunity to make one of the most important decisions in life – WHO TO MARRY? 

23. Many desire a good man or woman, yet when God gives them one, they take him or her for granted. 

24. Some say I’m sorry just to close the case and not because they have truly repented. That is why they keep doing what they keep apologizing for.

25. Stop judging people by what they say and start judging them by what they do. I have seen people talk so intelligently but act so foolishly.

26. I did so much for you. My mistake was that I made them look so easy that is why you took them for granted and easily forgot about them.

27. People must not be judged by what happens to them in life but how they react to what happens to them in life. A lot of times you do not have control over what happens to you but you do have control over how you react to what happens to you in life.

28. You are likely to get the support of men so far as it doesn’t lift you up above them. So if you really want to go further above your colleagues, you must start looking beyond them where you can see God.

29. Everybody wants to be close to successful people but only a few are willing to help people to succeed.

30. Don’t follow selfish people. They will betray and leave you with regret. Then later act as if they are sorry.

31. The more I get to know human beings, the more I see the need to trust God and pray more.

32. Don’t allow the bitterness of those who forgot about you make you lose sight of those who stayed with you.

33. Do not hope for somebody to fail to gain advantage for yourself. God will always do what he has planned to do.

34. There are certain people you only meet once in a lifetime. Don’t treat them anyhow and think you will find their replacement when they walk away.

35. I keep some relationships by acting the fool because there is no sense in acting what I already am, the wise.

36. Don’t be too excited about how intelligent she is. Be concerned about how honest and God fearing she is as well. It is dangerous to have an intelligent woman who is not honest. She can fool you with her intelligence.

37. Love is not just an emotion, it is also a decision. It is not just about how you feel, it is also about what you have decided.

38. He may be tolerating you because of your beauty, but it’s just a matter of time for that beauty to fade.

39. I believe in tears because weeping is not always a sign of weakness but also a sign of love.

40. We need time to detoxify ourselves from the intoxications of our past relationships, so we can really have a fresh start.

41. Betrayal has a profound way of testing your faith, whether you trust God enough to leave it in his hands or you are going to put vengeance in your own hands.

42. God didn’t consult everyone before forming you, so don’t expect to be loved by everyone. Be yourself and have the focus to become all that God created you to become.

43. Stop feeling sorry for yourself and start writing a new story for yourself.

44. Some rejections are not your fault. You are just too much for them to handle.

45. If you can change the way you think about it, then you can change the way you feel about it.

46. It is one thing to be wedded and it is also another thing to be married. Many do the wedding alright, but they never get to the point where they are really married.

47. If you are not prepared to sacrifice, you are not prepared to love.

48. If you are not prepared to forgive, you are not prepared for a long lasting relationship.

49. The fact that someone speaks intelligently doesn’t necessarily mean that is how the person is going to behave. Judge them by what they do. 

50. Ladies, don’t marry a fool, else, you will struggle to call him the head of the house because he can not think.

51. Guys, don’t marry a fool, else, the only time you will be comfortable calling her your wife will be in the night.

52. When people decide to leave your life all of a sudden without cause, it may not be them but God. God is taking you to a place they have no part. Their agenda doesn’t fit God’s agenda for your life. LET THEM GO!

53. Sometimes you just have to accept that some people can only be in your heart not in your life.

54. People will hate, ostracize and say all kinds of things against you just because you are not what they think or wish you were. But dare to be different when the normal is wrong. For great men came not to follow tradition but to break tradition. 

55. Love cannot always be a feeling. It is also a decision. Stay faithful to your words and your promise.

56. Sometimes we get so furious with people to the extent that we can’t even have the heart to pray for them. God can change people for the better.

57. Some people are just wonderful to know from afar until you get closer to them.

58. Most of them are just trying to be nice. They don’t really care like you think. Focus on building a strong relationship with God. Let Him be your joy, hope and comforter.

59. Remain calm. Don’t get desperate.The right person will come. DON’T RUSH AND CRASH.

60. Being in relationship involves work. Working to sustain and grow the relationship. Don’t go into it if you are not prepared to work.

61. If they refuse to support or encourage you, don’t be bitter. God is only saying they are not part of his better plans for you. Please when you finally get there, do not forget those who supported or encouraged you.

62. You may think friends are really with you until you attempt doing something extraordinary, something that make them feel they are behind. Something that makes you more successful and sets you apart from them.

63. It is good that the Lord in his wisdom has concealed your future from those around you, so that you can distinguish those who truly love you from those who pretend to love you by the way they treat you now. This will help you to know how to handle them when your star finally shines. Remember Joseph.

64. Don’t worry, those who turned their face away from you will one day show their face again when your season to shine comes. God will elevate you.

65. Don’t think it isn’t precious to me that is why I let you have it that easily. I just hate to see you suffer, and all I want is to see you happy.

66. I asked you to marry me but you told me we should be friends. Now you also don’t want me to help me to succeed as a friend. You hate the idea that someone else will marry me and enjoy my success when you first had the opportunity to do so. I don’t even know how to describe this behavior of yours!

67. Though I have written some stuffs on relationship, I still don’t consider my knowledge enough to make the right choice about who to marry. So I have learned to pray as well for God’s direction. Because human beings can change after marriage or pretend to be something they are not. But God who sees the end from the beginning knows better. So you must pray about your future spouse.

68. They keep doing it to me because I keep forgetting. I have forgiven again but this time I have refused to forget, just so that I will be careful they don’t do it to me again.

69. You are vey young and innocent. I don’t want to be the first to break your heart. Just see me as a friend or a brother.

70. When people see smoke they suspect fire. The reason why people are throwing water on you is because they have seen your smoke and they want to stop you before you burst into flames. But if your fire is from God, like that of Elijah, then no amount of water poured against your progress will be able to quench your fire in Jesus’ name.

71. Sometimes those who will encourage you to go for it won’t be there for you when you step into it. What will keep you going is your God-focus, not your man-focus.