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Growing up in God and his Word.

Growing up in God's word
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GROWING UP IN GOD’S WORD – The processes and stages

Growing up in God’s word is indeed an interesting experience. And it is important for us to understand these processes in growth as Christians so that we don’t quickly think we have arrived and start to think too highly of ourselves than we ought to. When you become born again and you start studying the bible to build your faith, these are likely the stages of knowledge and understanding you are going to experience:

1. Knowledge of the letter

2. Revelation of the letter

3. Revelation by experience

Knowledge of the letter

This is the first kind of knowledge you gain about God as you begin to study the bible. This is where you read the bible to get a literal understanding. This understanding is usually devoid of any notable interpretation.

The revelation of the letter

This is the stage where the Holy Spirit begins to help you by opening your eyes to understand certain things you read in the bible. This understanding is deeper than the literal understanding. It marks a major turning point in the life of the child of God. Certain secrets in the bible begin to unfold before him and he is full of joy and excitement. He receives illumination and becomes eager to share the good news that he has received. He can’t keep quiet because it’s like a hidden treasure that has been opened to him. This is exactly what happened to the Samaritan woman when she met Jesus Christ. After Jesus had revealed certain hidden things to her in their conversation, she couldn’t keep mute. She was so amazed and excited that she left her water jar and run back to the village to spread the news about this man Jesus.

However, I must also add that at this stage, growing up in God’s word can be a long and winding one for the believer. This is because there are so many things the Holy Spirit has to teach and reveal to him. Jesus said I have much more to say to you, more than you can now bear. But when he, the spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth (John 16:12-13). At this stage, the child of God is going to experience the Lord’s goodness and mercies. He is going to experience God’s power in his life. There will come moments when his faith is also going to be tested by all kinds of trials and tribulations. All these are training and experiences meant to test and build his faith in God.

These three levels of knowledge listed above can be divided into two. The first two beings “knowledge of the letter” and “revelation of the letter” focuses more on teaching you about the acts of God. While the last one being “revelation by experience” focuses more on teaching you about the ways of God. So it is written in Psalm 103:7 that He made known his ways to Moses, his acts to the people of Israel.

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