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My Meditation

Sophia 81 – 90

Wisdom 91-100
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81. Criticisms will come, fair or unfair, but you have to be strong. Stay focused and keep your hands on the wheel. God is talking you somewhere.


82. Getting closer to people who appreciate you and not putting your trust in men are two wonderful things you can do for your heart.


83. When destiny is calling, change is inevitable. 


84. Generosity is not all about material wealth. You can be stingy with your time, love, forgiveness, humility, even with your smiles. Generosity is in the spirit. 


85. People will have their opinions but you must have your conviction. 


86. Maturity is simplicity 


87. Sometimes it not easy to forget about him or her when you have not gotten a suitable replacement. 


88. You don’t need a man to take care of you. You need a man so you can take care of each other. 


89. YOUR ability to talk is equally important as your ability to listen. Don’t put one over the other. 


90. God is not asking you to be perfect. He is only asking you to be prepared. 

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